Terima Kasih - the solidal wrap created to raise funds for the Bumi Sehat of Bali

Wrap with 100% twisted combed cotton, 230 gr/m2
Rainbow soften weave, beige second weave, white warp


Ideal for: carrier for all the necessities, soft for the small babies but good also to support important loads thanks to medium weight and thanks to the presence of a double support weft



this wrap tells of a trip to a distant land, mixed with spirituality, colored by a variegated palette of nuances, perfumes, sounds. A fairytale place where people wake up at dawn inside cotton candy clouds, crossing the Cosmos doors with quick and light steps to lay down rich offerings to their beloved spirits, so that they stay close and protect them. A place of great smiles and backs folded in the rice fields, impressive seas and active volcanoes, a welcoming land where natural elements, tradition and innovation find a unique way of interweaving. A place where the little ones born undisturbed, their sister Placenta is honored with flowers and offers and the umbilical cord cut only after all the life has flowed to the newborn, in which the children (considered sacred beings) do not touch the ground before the 105 days of life, but also in which hospitals are rare, the health care is poor and poorly protect minors.


Think about whether, simply with the act of babywearing, a symbol of deep love for our children, we could help another far parent to access prenatal examinations, to give birth to his baby in a safe place and with a gentle birth, to have useful and necessary care, to afford some complete meal as he regains strength after giving birth. Here, this wrap tells of a promise of help that goes beyond the ocean: through this fabric, a mother who lives in this part of the world can gently take care of her baby while, at the same time, she takes care of another mom and her baby. This can happen thanks to you "Terima Kasih" that means "Thank you" in the Bahasa Indonesian language and this is the name we have chosen to give our wrap the positive energy that will support it in the many kilometers that the project will face, but above all to transmit the smile of all the families who are already thanking you for their donation.


Terima Kasih - solidal wrap

Wrap with 100% twisted combed cotton, 230gr/m2
Rainbow soften weave, beige second weave, white warp

Ideal for: carrier for all the necessities, soft for the small babies but good also to support important loads thanks to medium weight and thanks to the presence of a double support weft


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To know the project more in depth

In October 2017 we had a very interesting trip to Indonesia. An important step in our journey was Bali, with its contradictions and its beauties, with the strong spirituality and the smiles of the people.


We visited the Bumi Sehat, realizing that imagined place, a small and intimate clinic, a place of peace.


We have re-embraced Ibu Robin (known years ago during a meeting in Milan) and we sat at the table to have a chat.


So, in a warm afternoon veiled by clouds, the idea was born of a solidarity band, a project that through mothers (and fathers) in this part of the world can take care of their children lovingly choosing to take care, in the same time, of a mother and her baby on the other side of the world.


We thought this idea was special !!




Woven with bright colors, to bring the vibrant energy of the Balinese people we have known, the Terima Kasih band recreates in the intertwining of weave and warp many of the characteristic elements of the place and, to crown the baby wearing there is a mother who raises her child to heaven. The band also shows the label with the Bumi Sehat logo. To accompany the project, the creation of various accessories (including scarves and bags), also with the logo woven into the fabric.


The band is dedicated purely to Italian and European parents (but we do not exclude that the project can also expand outside Europe!), because in Indonesian parents can hardly afford the cost of a jacquard wrap, but due to the strong power purchase of the euro and the low cost of living in Bali, it will have the opportunity to help a lot even with a small contribution .


Bumi Sehat is a small clinic in Bali, about 12 hours flight from Italy. The person who strongly wanted it and who created the foundation that is at its base, Ibu Robin Lim, is a midwife with bare feet, with a big smile on her face and a hug of love always ready for mothers that ask for help. The purpose of the work of this very special midwife is: "Building peace in the world, one child at a time".


The clinic is based only on donations and the foundation that supports it has the mission to provide families with access to quality medical care and to promote a kind, hygienic and culturally appropriate birth for the traditionally underrepresented populations. To achieve these goals, the foundation provides health services, emergency care, educational services and environmental programs. The foundation operates in Bali, at Aceh, where it intervened following the 2004 Tsunami on the Indonesian coast, in the Philippines. Currently, the Mount Agung displaced people are being cared for, following the volcanic eruption that began in autumn 2017.




Visit the  Yayasan Bumi Sehat Foundation


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