Woven Wrap

QUICK TIPS: The woven wrap is a good choice starting from the birth and it follows the baby growth  (it can be used also for children that weigh more then 20 kg). This carrier give the best support for the baby back and for the hip joints and it has the best weigh discharge on the parents body. The feeling, when you use a wrap, is like to wear a second skin, supportive and flexible, that follows all your movements. You can use the woven wrap to carry in the front (heart to heart), on the hip and on the back of the parents: if you want to try, there are abut 50 different tying methods!! You can choose between different sizes:  size2- 2,7m, size3- 3,2m, size4- 3,6m, size5- 4,2m, size6- 4,6m, size7- 5,2m,size8- 5,6m. 

If your baby is less than 6 month old, you can choose a wrap that weighs 190-220gr/m2, or, at least, not more than 245gr/m2; you can select a size like 5-6-7 to use the wrap with multilayer wrapping, like FWCC

If your baby is more than 6 month old, you can choose a wrap that weighs from 240gr/m2 or also more. You can select a size like 3-4 for shorter wrapping methods or a lower weigh wrap, maybe in bamboo or ramie, in size 5/6/7 to do multilayer wrapping.

Our 100% twisted combed cotton woven wraps

Zoé 210gr/m2 COOMING SOON!

Lotus 220 gr/m2

Ephἕmeros 225gr/m2

Tortuca 225g/m2 

Frangipani BLACK 220 gr/m2

Frangipani WHITE 220 gr/m2

Pixel Blue 220 gr/m2 COMING SOON

Pixel Yellow 220 gr/m2 COMING SOON

Colibris 250 gr/m2

Plume 280 gr/m2

Terima Kasih 230 gr/m2
Solidal wrap to raise funds for the Bumi Sehat of Bali

Our bamboo - blended woven wraps

Karukéra 200 gr/m2

Nature 220 gr/m2

Breath  Blue 240 gr/m2

Breath Sand 240 gr/m2

Breath Red 240 gr/m2

Breath Beige 240 gr/m2

Enso 260 gr/m2

Our ramie - blended woven wraps

Link 245gr/m2

Valo 250gr/m2

Grecale 220gr/m COOMING SOON

Our hemp-blended woven wraps

Shinrai 230 gr/m2

Heimat 230 gr/m2 (triblend)

Special blended woven wrap

Elemental 238gr/m2

Dedalo 232 gr/m2

Es Vedrà 228gr/m2 COOMING SOON

Valo 250gr/m2

Bric 215gr/m2 COOMING SOON

Alisea LIM ED 240gr/m2 COOMING SOON

Our wool and noble fibres blended woven wrap

 Breath Merino 220gr/m2

Solstitium (merino wool) LIM ED 238gr/m2

 Arabesque Magie D'Hiver Alpaca 230gr/m1

Heimat 230 gr/m2 (triblend)

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