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  • Which carrier should I choose?

    The best carrier for a newborn is the Woven Wrap (especially tied in the front with the Front Wrap Cross Carry, using normally a size 6), but you can also choose a Ring Sling. From three months of your babies, you can also choose a Bei Dai. You can find more help in choosing the perfect baby carrier for you here
  • What is the reason for choosing different fabric blends?

    Different fabric blends have different properties in terms of support, weights, texture, softness, warmth/coolness to meet your differnt needs. We use only natural fibres for our wraps. You can select the best fibre for you between them
  • What does the "Left" and "Right" shoulders mean on the Ring Slings?

    When ther is a directional pattern, we indicate the shoulder, to avoid that the pattern could hang upside down if worn on the opposite side. In this case, you have to select left or right shoulder according to which side you want the rings to sit on (that is to say: the opposite side of the one in which your baby is sitting on your hip) .
  • Why would I need more than one wrap?

    You may wish to have more than one wrap depending on how much time you use the wrap and how many times you wash it, on the kind of life you have (maybe it's useful to have a long wrap for long walking and a shorter one or a ring sling for short walking or drop off car or trains). Also you can have the choice of warmer fabrics for the winter and cooler for the summer or to choose different colours or design to wear.
  • What happens if it's raining, it's cold or it's hot?

    You can find further info here
  • Is babywearing safe?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe. You can read the tips for a safe babywearing here.


  • How do you ensure the quality of your woven products?

    We choose only natural yarns, with selected colours, certificated Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Calss I. All our fabrics are tested and checked by our in-house quality control team before the releasing of each line; our carriers are hand-made and controlled one by one; all order is managed individually to grant the correct packaging and shipping, to reach your home safely. We also guarantee a Return Policy to rassure you that, if any problem may occurs with your order, you can always feel relaxed!
  • How should I care for my sling?

    Please follow the care instruction on the label placed directly on the carrier (often on the tail). The specific care instruction for each fibre is reported on the dedicated page on this website. You can select the fibre here.



  • The item I like is out of stock, will it come back into stock soon?

    Often we craft or  re-weave out of stock items in a short time: remember that all our baby carriers are hand made and this means that it takes  a little time to  set up and mantain our stock. Sometimes, a specific kind of product or line woudn't be re-weaved: you will be informed of that directly in the product page.
  • Do you sell scraps?

    No, we don't sell scraps to our custumers. We have specific exclusive agreement with some artisans that use our scraps to create different articles.


  • How much does it costs for shipping my carrier?

     This will be calculated based on the shipping destination and the weight of your package. You can see  on your order before you pay how much the total shipping
      will be, but you can also check the Sales Terms and Conditions before.

  • It seems your slings have a very good price, but the shipping cost is quite high, can you explain why?

Our wraps cam from Italy, when we make the entire process of weaving and sewing of each carrier. We have asked to different couriers for their quotes and, from here, all them have quite the same price, so in this moment, we have no way to send in Europe at different prices.  Anyway, we know that our slings are quite cheap and, moreover, they have a great value for money. We trust that our fabric have the plus of natural fibres, of the Italian Jacquard weaving tradition and of the handcrafting, all things that create a unique wrap: so we think that the total price of the sling you desire plus the shipping  is adequate for the high quality product you will use to hold safely and comfortably your baby.


  • Why does it take so much time to have my carrier?

    Remember that each carrier is hand-made and this means that it can take some days to be ready for shipping. Furthermore, our firm is in Italy and it tooks at least a week to ship our carrier in all European Countries. Please, be patient. The expected waiting time is indicated under each product sheet in the online shop.
  • How can I pay for my carrier?

     You can use PayPal, pay by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. You can find further information in the Sales Terms and Conditions page.