Merino Wool

Wool is a fibre resulting from animal fleece (usually sheep or rabbits, camels and cattle); it has a helical structure which is the basis of the specific characteristics of the fibre itself. Its production starts with the animal shearing, it continues with the spinning and with the final machining.


The wool fibre ensures a high moisture absorbency but disperses slowly and then, like the silk, it remains a little more humid respect to fibres of vegetable origin. It is a very elastic fibre and the resulting fabric does not crease; it is very enveloping and even if it is deformed resumes its initial state. It is the more wear-resistant fibre, although it may be attacked by moths. A curiosity: the wool absorbs quickly and keeps the smells: so the little babies will be able to easily find the home and parents smells every time you use wool to wrap them. For its softness and natural warmth is ideal for newborns that will find the warm embrace and the known smell to become quiet quickly.


The wool is able to isolate from the cold and from the heat: for this reason, it can be used with any temperature. It is ideal to protect from moisture and hard cold winter, but many people also use it when it's hot thanks to the high degree of absorption and thermal insulation (remember that the Tuaregs people are totally dressed in wool!). It can turn yellow if it remains a long time under the sun and the cloth weakens at high temperatures washing.


The merino, in particular, is a wool obtained from the fleece of merino ewes, very fine and very precious. It is an ideal yarn for clothing because it is very resistant to wear and bending, but being fine, is widely used even in the summer (the textile called "fresh-wool" is usually merino wool).



The merino wool used in Amrita is a yarn signed Tollegno1900, Italian company quality assurance. It is an extra-fine, non-shrink, top wash (machine washable); it is completely adequate for the baby carrier and the weaving has been tested in order to obtain the perfect mix between softness and strength. Just a curiosity: Tollegno1900 is the yarn supplier of the British Royal Family and especially of the fists blanket used to wrap Prince George and the Little Charlotte.




The baby carriers containing the merino wool can be washed in a washing machine at 30 ° C, but DO NOT PLACE in the dryer, it can be ironed.