Cotton is a vegetable fibre that is extracted from the fluff that covers the seeds of the plant, and grows mainly in subtropical countries. The fabric quality derives from the length of the fibres used for the weaving process, so the more the fibre is long and most prized will be the textile obtained. A curiosity: the length of the fibres produced depends on the characteristics and the humidity of the soil; wetlands produce plants from longer fibres and, in particular, the land close to the sea make it possible to cultivate plants which will give long and stronger fibres, thanks to the saline components naturally present in the same soils.


The cotton woven fabric are soft and comfortable and do not cause irritation . The fibre absorbs moisture very well, and it permits the evaporation and dispersion thus ensuring a high breathability . The cotton favors the maintenance of body heat, although has a lower thermal conductivity respect to bamboo and flax.


The fibre has a high resistance to washing (also in boiling water) and ironing, is more resistant to weight and power with respect to the wool but less respect to the wooden fibres and silk, and can be dyed easily. Cotton is, however, slightly elastic and, over time, may shrink and crease, will ruin if it is long exposed to the sun and does not offer protection against the nesting of molds and bacteria.


In our baby carriers, cotton is used alone or as a base for different blends.


The twisted cotton or double twisted


It is obtained by means of a processing technique in which the cotton threads are turned on themselves and together with each other. This process gives to the fabric a shiny appearance, soft and durable, making it much more valuable of the traditional cotton.



The combed cotton


Through various stages of processing, the short fibres and impurities are removed and the cotton is combed to be even more soft and durable, with shiny appearance and little hairy, in order to obtain a high-quality yarn.






The 100% cotton baby carriers can be washed in a washing machine at 40 °C, can be put in the dryer with a light cycle and can be ironed (better if in the direction of length).


 The natural dyed cotton slings  must be washed with neutral soap, because the acidic or alkaline detergents may change its color. The washing of the baby carriers dyed by hand or with totally natural dyes, refer to the information provided at the time of the sale and to the information on the relevant page of the chosen baby wearing.