Our Woven Fabrics

Our Jacquard fabrics come from the continuous search for quality yarns, soft and resistant, suitable to accommodate children and support their weight.


We study constantly new weaving techniques that can respond to the various needs of babywearing; we test personally every fabric made to ensure the resistance and to be able to better suggest the best yarn according to the various needs.


We choose only natural yarns, with selected colors, certificates Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I and unique designs, which are made by hand and then digitized to be applied to the loom. Then we deal with the weaving, which takes place in an Italian family factory where art and tradition blend in customization and attention to detail, transforming crafts textile in a sort of art. The creation is crowned with the cutting and packaging of each single baby carrier, hand-made . So what comes to you is a homemade baby carrier, expression of the Italian tradition, created with passion to support and strengthen the bond with your baby, growing together and nurturing with love!


Our Fibres

We study and test continuously different fibres of vegetable or animal origin to use the most appropriate weaving techniques , that can exalt and make them suitable for the creation of baby carriers. Some fibres are already used in our babywearing (such as bamboo, merino wool and hemp), others are being tested with the purpose to analyse the weaving and the yield of the resulting textile (such as nettle, silk and particular blends); others are still in the germinal phase of experimentation, both for their good qualities and their substantial costs, both for the delicacy of the fibres wear or washing (alpaca, mohair, cashmere).
Cotton, linen and hemp are used, in the test phase for weaving, as bases for the blend with other yarns.


Our baby carrier are all made with natural fibres. For this reason, the slings can shrink a 4-8% and this shrinkage is evaluated during the slings crafting. We suggest to follow the tag indication and to beat the wraps after washing, before hanging out them. You can iron the wraps when still damp in order to maintain them soft and to spread out fibres after washing.


We use the finest Jacquard weaving techniques for our wraps. Are you interested in knowing how the magic come true?

Bamboo Fibre




Merino Wool