Carriers Types



The Woven Wrap have different lengths, highlighted by the respective sizes; They are not elastic and can be totally cotton or be composed of a mix of natural fibers.




This type is one that allows a greater number of different wrapping, to carry on the front (heart to heart), on the hip and even behind on the back, depending on the selected sizes, on the inventiveness and the season! It's very versatile and can be used from birth throughout all the baby wearing path. Initially it is more challenging: you have to get acquainted with it, but the ties are easy to learn and you can find really many ways to wear it. This is also the Baby Wrap indicated for children with hypotonia, Down Syndrome and hip dysplasia, because it guarantees a greater support and containment.


If I had to recommend a baby wearing preconceived, without any information regarding the use that will be done, I would certainly recommend this: certainly the most exploited in time and space, besides the fact that it is perfectly usable also by the fathers, is the one that supports better the back (allowing to carry out ties which discharge the weight on both shoulders) and allows total freedom of movement.


All our Woven Wrap have a label with a little heart in the middle, so you can easily find the center by simply swiping the edge with your fingers; the tails of the bands terminals are cut diagonally to make them easier, less cumbersome the closing node and have the tip with reinforced stitching, resistant to wear and washings.








The Ring Sling measurs about 180-200 cm depending on the textile used and do not require ligatures. They are very quick to use: once prepared are inserted easily from the head, even if they allow a few ligatures. Due to the speed of use and the resistance are recommended for parents who are starting to carry when the child has already a few months, or as extra support during travel (for example they are more useful in the case of children who are already walking a bit alone, but often seek refuge into the mother arms). Again, also this baby wearing are easily used by dads, because you can vary the measurement using the rings.


The rings used in our sling are die-cast aluminum, a single piece without joints that could break with usage and are resistant and guaranteed for each weight carried. They are also hypoallergenic and certified.





 It is a soft carrier, comprised of a shaped body and long bands: thus combines the convenience of the wraparound baby wearing to the rapidity of a more structured body usage. It is more like a Full Buckle Carrier but has the advantage of being lighter and to allow the physiological positions, as well as to adapt the support to the child body thanks to the bands. It allows you to carry on the front, on the side and behind the back and can be used from 3 months baby, when it holds its head. It is also equipped with a foldable head plate (and fixable to the places loops on the bands) which is very useful when in order to safeguard the baby from meteorological aggressions (direct sun, wind) or to support the head when sleeping: it makes the Bei Dai more containing.
Measurements: the body is long about 45 cm, high about 48 cm, plus the head plate (at the narrowest part about 38 cm). The upper bands are around 190 cm x 22 cm.






 The Full Buckle Carrier is a structured baby carriers support, formed by a cloth body with shoulder straps with bands. The body creates a sort of pocket where to insert the child, adjustable in width and height thanks to the snap hooks fixed on the straps. It is a quick to tie support but often more difficult to adapt to the various positions and to adjust in a perfect way depending on the child's body. There are various sizes to use it for about 4-6 months to about 30 months of the child.




Most Full Buckle Carriers on the market does not respect the children physiology: they have the narrow seat that leaves dangling legs of the baby, do not allow you to adjust sufficiently the pocket to keep the baby's body adhering to that of parent and thus support back and head. Finally often it involves the use of the “front to world” position. The ergonomic Full Buckle Carrier differs from those for non-physiological for the large seat (at least 35-40 cm, variable depending on the age of the child), the location that it allows to obtain and the high degree of straps adjustment  to support totally the baby's body.